“E.S.” Universal Complete Extra Sensitive Skin Care • Dr. Mehran®


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“E.S.” Universal Complete Extra Sensitive Skin Care

The products of the “E.S.” skin care line have been specially formulated for the particular needs of skins that have a tendency to react to beauty products. They are made of only the purest and safest ingredients. They nourish, tone, moisturize and deliver the necessary elements to maintain normal biological functions of very delicate skins. The “E.S.” UNIVERSAL line offers a base treatment for all skin types and are recommended for young skins as a start up kit.

“E.S.” line composition

“E.S.” Moisturizing Cleanser 250ml
A white emulsion with a delicate floral fragrance that cleanses the skin gently and deeply. It contains robane, propylene glycol and silicone for their moisturizing properties. Recommended for young skins that require a simple, basic cleansing.
“E.S.” Toner 250ml
A topaz colored toner, with a delicate spring flower fragrance, containing apricot, cornflower and lime- tree extracts. This toner has purifying, toning and moisturizing properties.
“E.S.” Day and Night Cream 60g
A pearled white silky emulsion, with a delicate fragrance of wild roses, containing robane, cucumber extract and aloe vera that help maintain the skin’s moisture balance and increase epidermis biological functions.
“E.S.” Herbal Mask 50g
A topaz colored gel, with a delicate spicy fragrance, containing ingredients such as melissa, fennel, hops, balm mint, mistletoe, matricaria and yarrow extracts with allantoïn. This mask stimulates, refreshes and prevents skin dehydration.
“E.S.” Foam Wash 250ml
A negative-tensio-active foaming emulsion with a floral fragrance. This product can be used as a non irritant soap for face and body.

Special ingredients

It favours skin cell proliferation and eliminates unhealthy tissue cells. Reconstituting and repairing agent of the epithelium. Non-irritating, it is moisturizing, soothing and calming.
Aloe Vera
Astringent, anti-inflammatory, calming and highly moisturizing. Helps to increase epidermal respiration.
Apricot Extract
Excellent lubricate, soothing.
Cornflower Extract
Soothing, astringent, antiseptic.
Cucumber Extract
Astringent, decongestant and anti-inflammatory. Refreshing and soothing, it improves epidermal moisture balance.
Fennel Extract
Regulates skin moisture balance. Relieves skin’s irritations.
Hops Extract
Rich in vegetal estrogen, it helps firm skin. Tonic, stimulant and antiseptic.
Lime-Tree Extract
Moisturizing, soothing, calming, decongestant, whitening, emollient.
Mistletoe and Matricaria Extracts
Antiseptic properties.
Penetrating and restorative substance extracted from shark liver oil. Assures suppleness and protect against cutaneous irritations.
Royal Jelly
Rich in vitamins and amino acids necessary for normal epidermal cell function, in a readily absorbed concentrate. Helps attenuate or eliminate cutaneous hyper pigmentation strains.
Yarrow Extract
Stimulates skin blood circulation.

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