Eyes, Lips and Face Beauty Set • Dr. Mehran®

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Beauty set also including a contour cream and a Botalip® stick.

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Eyes, Lips and Face Beauty Set

Contour Cream 30g

A very fine white emulsion, with a delicate floral fragrance, containing royal jelly (rich in amino acids) vitamins from the B complex vitamin, robane and sweet almond oil. This cream provides essential nutritive elements to the delicate eyelid region while helping control oedema and slackness.

Botalip® 15 g

An outstanding combination between the beneficial effects of Ivy, Calendula and Horse Chestnut extracts, reinforced by the action of Papaïn and Hyaluronic acid for the outlines of the lips.

Vertical wrinkles around the lips are among the most disturbing premature skin aging signs. They often appear early, specialy with smokers and are difficult to treat.

Botalip® lip contour cream act directly on the formation of this phenomenon.

Its regular use diminishes remarkably the amount as well as the depth of the wrinkles around the lips restoring lip contour youth and beauty.

Essential Support® Serum 30ml

Essential Support® contains peroxidases charged liposomes (to fight the action of free radicals), hyaluronic acid (an excellent agent of development) as well as a group of substances produced by all living cells following an injury, known as TRF (Tissue Respiratory Factor). These substances, also called Biodynes, have a stimulating effect on the production of new collagen and elastin molecules and act as healing agents.

Essential Support® oxygenates the epidermis. It helps the skin fight free radicals and favours cutaneous regeneration.

Essential Support® is recommended for flaccid, tired, aging, devitalized and damaged skin conditions. For women and men of any age.

An application of Essential Support®, once or twice a day, on a cleansed skin of face and neck, prior to the moisturizer, will help the skin keep or recover its glow and natural youth.

Élastine Plus® Cream 50g

A velvety pink emulsion, with a delicate floral fragrance, containing robane, collagen, elastin, ceramides, allantoin, beeswax and moisturizing agents. These natural stimulants help skin maintain its regenerating functions. This outstanding day and night cream protects, nourishes, smooths, moisturizes, revitalizes and helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles. The ceramides in this cream are used as a carrier of collagen and elastin. They counteract the action of elastase, the enzyme which destroys these molecules.


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