Exfoliating Double Action Cream


Exfoliating and treatment cream for mechanical…


Exfoliating and treatment cream for mechanical exfoliation. A white emulsion with a delicate fragrance having a PH 6.5. Contains micro granules from phytoplankton, cucumber extract, sesame oil, sweet almond oil and allantoïn. Through a physical-chemical interaction this cream gently scrubs the skin’s surface and efficiently eliminates, superficial cutaneous debris and dead cells. This process prepares the skin to receive the active elements of skin treatment products. This formula has been designed for all skin types, except for very sensitive skin. For face, hands, feet and body.

-Format: 50 g
-Contact us to get the format for professionals.
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-Product of Canada

Additional information

Weight50 g
Dimensions17 × 18 × 12 mm

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