Pop August 2000 *Like new Also featuring Bloodhound Gang

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Karaoke Video CD – Pop August 2000

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Top Hits Monthly – Pop – Karaoke Video CD – Pop August 2000

Also featuring Bloodhound Gang

This album contains tracks originally performed by Alice Deejay, Backstreet Boys, BBMak, Bloodhound Gang, Destiny’s Child, M2M, Mandy Moore, *NSYNC as well as Toni Braxton.

Album of 9 + 9 Titles in English

  • Better off Alone / Alice Deejay
  • Better off Alone [+]guide vocal / Alice Deejay
  • The One / Backstreet Boys
  • The One [+]guide vocal / Backstreet Boys
  • Back Here / BBMak
  • Back Here [+]guide vocal / BBMak
  • The Bad Touch / Bloodhound Gang
  • The Bad Touch [+]guide vocal / Bloodhound Gang
  • Jumpin’ Jumpin’ / Destiny’s Child
  • Jumpin’ Jumpin’ [+]guide vocal / Destiny’s Child
  • Mirror Mirror / M2M
  • Mirror Mirror [+]guide vocal / M2M
  • I Wanna Be with You / Mandy Moore
  • I Wanna Be with You [+]guide vocal / Mandy Moore
  • It’s Gonna Be Me / *NSYNC
  • It’s Gonna Be Me [+]guide vocal / *NSYNC
  • He Wasn’t Man Enough / Toni Braxton
  • He Wasn’t Man Enough [+]guide vocal / Toni Braxton
Album available in limited quantities, with or without its original packaging and may have small imperfections.

Important information: Prices and order are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Year and music style are an indication only. Picture, language, list of titles and spelling are as faithful as possible but could differed from the product. The songs offered are the highest quality available. These are professional re-creations and not renditions by the original artist.

VCD – Video CD

Compatible DVD and CD-ROM

The VCD (also written VideoCD or Video CD) is a 5 inches Video Compact Disc with audio and video. You will ear the music, see the words of song on screen and also some pictures and video clip in the background. The VCD’s work very well with all the CAVS, JVC, RSQ, TAO iKTV, V2GO, SHINCO and Shinsonic karaoke machines you bought from us. The VCD’s also work with DVD, VCD and CD-ROM of all brand.


With the MPX function of a karaoke machine the listening of each song is available with or without a vocal guide. Whitout the MPX function the instrumental version is on chanel left and the vocal version on chanel right.

Special note concerning the karaoke: The chorus and sometime the melody are present on professional karaoke soundtrack.

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Top Hits Monthly


Like new and may have slight imperfections. The product may or may not be in its original packaging. The images are indicative only and may differ from the product.


Video CD (VCD)

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