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Gentle, efficacious and safe isotonic seawater…

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Gentle, efficacious and safe isotonic seawater solution to help unblock, moisten and keep sinuses healthy all year long.

Formulated with prime-quality, completely natural seawater that is rich in minerals and trace elements and preservative-free, ACTIMAR® ISOTONIC NASAL SPRAY is gentle and effective in moistening and unblocking nasal passages and relieving the symptoms associated with a dry and irritated nose.

Useful all year round, our spray helps restore mobility to the cilia that line and protect our nasal mucosa, making us at the same time less susceptible to infections and allergies.

·Ideal for colds, allergies and daily nasal hygiene.
·Unblocks nasal passages by helping drain mucus.
·Moistens nasal passages to help relieve the symptoms associated with a dry and irritated nose.
·Helps maintain healthy sinuses.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 100% natural Brittany’s seawater (activity: 0.9% sodium chloride). Seawater collected from a unique protected Natura 2000 zone in France, Atlantic Ocean.

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Pharmaceutical grade purified water.

Children 2 years and older: 1 spray per nostril 1 to 3 times daily as needed.
Adults: 1 spray per nostril 2 to 6 times daily as needed.

-No Animal Testing

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