Pelicula® Normal or Dry Skin Mask • Dr. Mehran®


Normal or dry skin mask.

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Pelicula® Normal or Dry Skin Mask

A new gel-mask that can be removed like a skin…

Soothing, moisturizing and nourishing it also acts as a mild exfoliation and refreshes the skin.

Pelicula® is a gel-mask belonging to the Ph7® lino of Dr. Mehran® products for normal and dry skin. This mask is applied in fine layers on face and neck. Once the mask is dried, it is removed in a transparent and uniform film embossed with the skin relief. This mask does not stick to hair and procures a delightful sensation of freshness and cleanliness.

Pelicula® is gentle enough for all skin (not suitable for extra sensitive skins). If used close to the eyes, it is recommended to apply a compress moistened with Blue Lotion on the eye contour meanwhile the mask is drying.

One of the advantages of Pelicula® is that it may be used as a rubbing mask too. In this case, apply a thin layer of the product on the area to treat, let dry for a few minutes and then start rubbing. The result will be a soft clear skin ready to receive the active ingredients of products such as Essential Support serum and Dr. Mehran® liposomes gel-cream.

Pelicula® is yellow tinted containing witch hazel, horse chestnut and cucumber extracts, as well as papaya, vitamin F, citric acid and menthol. The use of this high quality product is recommended once a week in complement of other Dr. Mehran® skin care products.

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