Lilac Essential Oil


Lilac 100% pur essential oil.

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Lilac 100% pur essential oil.

Essential oils are very sensitive to ultraviolet radiation and their components can evaporate. It is therefore important to keep them in their original bottle, to make sure that it is well closed and stored in a dark place at room temperature.

To soften the olfactory intensity and bring out the delicate and floral side of certain essential oils, it is recommended to dilute the concentrate 100% with a blend oil.

Without medical advice it is not recommended to use essential oils with childrens and future mothers. Therapeutic use will not replace consultation with a licensed therapist. Properties and tips for use are provided for informational purposes only and do not engage our responsibility.

-No Animal Testing
-External Use
-Product of Canada

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84x33x33 mm / 79 g


Amber glass bottle with codigoutte containing 30 ml


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