Karaoké Planète KPF109 – Français volume 109


Karaoke in CD+G – Français volume 109


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Karaoké Planète – Série Professionnelle – Karaoke in CD+G – Français volume 109

Album of 15 Titles in French – Français

  • Ça va pas changer le monde / Joe Dassin
  • Dixie / Harmonium
  • Feel Happy / Véronic DiCaire
  • Hey hey Lolita / Joël Denis
  • La nuit blanche / 11:30
  • Le menteur / Nicola Ciccone
  • Le nombril / Nancy Dumais
  • Nomade sédentaire / Kevin Parent
  • Pas besoin de frapper / Sylvain Cossette
  • Punch créole / Robert Charlebois
  • Qu’est-ce que tu vas faire / Paul Piché
  • Quelques pleurs / Isabelle Boulay
  • Qui est cet homme ? / Laurence Jalbert
  • S’il fallait (qu’un jour) / Marjo
  • Y a pas grand chose dans l’ciel à soir / Kermess

Superior Quality French Karaoke

How to get more French karaoke songs with the professional Karaoké Planète series

CD+G Karaoke

CD-G, CDG, CD G, CD Graphic, CD Graphics…

The professional CD+G stands for “Compact Disc + Graphics”. This is the most widely used format for Karaoke music. The discs are identical to standard CDs (compact discs) yet have the additional graphics track that allows you to read the song lyrics on a connected TV or monitor. As the soundtrack plays on your karaoke player, the lyrics scroll across the TV in perfect sync with the music, allowing you to sing along to any song!
The sound of a CD+G Karaoke disc will also play in any standard CD, CD-ROM or DVD player around the world. To see the words of song on screen your player must read the CD+G or CD+Graphics format.

The professional CD+G is the industry standard!

Special note concerning the karaoke: The chorus and sometime the melody are present on professional karaoke soundtrack.

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