Colloidal Silver 15ppm with Dropper


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The 100ml bottle with dropper is the ideal size to add to the medicine cabinet.

Colloidal Silver 15ppm 100ml comes with a handy dropper that is excellent to use in those sensitive place like your eye or ear. It is a very powerful germicidal that is lethal to over 650 bacteria, fungus, viruses, parasites and mould.

Colloidal silver in a dropper format is excellent for ear infections, eye infections, cataracts, cuts and abrasions, warts, mouth or tooth infections, small burns, just to name a few…

This colloidal silver is prepared with ultra-pure 99.99% silver (.9999 fine) in a holistic environment, using “Timed Inverted Current Electrolysis” and distilled water, which has been imprinted with holistic music to enhance its properties.
No other chemicals or substances are added.

The amber glass bottle protects it from UV rays. Silver is commonly used in the medical industry to ensure sterilisation of equipment, as well has having been used throughout history to preserve freshness.

Pharmaceutical grade distilled water (0ppm)
Ultra-pure 99.99% silver (.9999 fine)

-Gluten Free
-No Animal Testing
-Contact us to get the format for professionals.
-Product of Canada

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Dimensions / Weight

18x17x13 mm / 100 g


Amber glass bottle with dropper containing 100 ml


Consult a healthcare practitioner before using this product.


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