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Do you already have a Pioneer karaoke 100 CD+G system and want to increase its capacity? It’s simple and easy! The mixer has a capacity for 3 players. CAVS decoder, wires and controller are included with each reader. Can also be used with a home theater.

Put your CD+Gs are all inside the drive safe from dust and accidents.

With its integrated disc system there is no longer any manipulation of CD+Gs, no spots, no scratches! It is also a good insurance against the theft of your precious music.

Pioneer Player Specifications

  • Holding enough music to go straight through a 4-day party, the Pioneer 101-CD/CD+G has two great features for recording: CD Synchro, for super-easy CD-to-tape recording, and an optical digital out for connection to a CD Recorder. Plus, Best Selection Memory remembers and plays your 15 favorite tracks.
  • Key Features
    -101 Disc Capacity
    -Optical Digital out
    -SR Remote
    -New “Roulette Rack” Design
  • Format
    -101 Disc Capacity
    -Single Loader for added convenience
  • Technical Features
    -1-Bit D/A Converter
    -Optical Digital Output
  • Convenience Features
    -Motorized Door
    -Pioneer SR Remote Control
    -Full Random Play
    -”Custom Mode” Functions (3)
    -Best Selection Memory (20 Tracks)
    -Memory Hold
    -CD-Deck Synchro
  • Dimensions
    -Height: 7-1/2 inch
    -Width: 16-9/16 inch
    -Depth: 15-13/16 inch

Additional information

Weight8455 g
Dimensions420 × 330 × 398 mm

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