Jukebox – Volume 11 – La bottine souriante


Karaoke in DVD – Volume 11 – La bottine souriante


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Jukebox – Karaoke in DVD – Volume 11 – La bottine souriante

Album of 11 Titles in French – Français

  • Ch’pas capable / La Bottine Souriante
  • Dans nos vieilles maisons / La Bottine Souriante
  • La chanson du quêteux / La Bottine Souriante
  • La cuisinière / La Bottine Souriante
  • La tourtière / La Bottine Souriante
  • Le démon sort de l’enfer / La Bottine Souriante
  • Le lanlire (La poule à colin) / La Bottine Souriante
  • Le p’tit porte-clé / La Bottine Souriante
  • Martin de la chasse-galerie / La Bottine Souriante
  • Rap à Ti-Pétang / La Bottine Souriante
  • Un p’tit coup mesdames / La Bottine Souriante

On this album the listening of each song is available with or without a vocal guide. The listening of each song is available in 3 different key.

When played on a DVD players, song lyrics will appear on a TV screen highlighted in time with the music.

This DVD work well in all the countries, all the areas, all the DVD players and this without any restriction.

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