Soul 5 – Funky Stuff Also featuring Sly and the Family Stone


Karaoke CD+G – Soul 5 – Funky Stuff




DKKaraoke – Applause – DKG 3063 – DKG3063 – Karaoke CD+G – Soul 5 – Funky Stuff

Also featuring Sly and the Family Stone

This album contains tracks originally performed by C+C Music Factory, Michael Jackson, Prince, Prince and The Revolution, Sly and the Family Stone, The Isley Brothers.

Album of 15 Titles in English

  • Things That Make You Go Hmmm… / C+C Music Factory
  • Bad / Michael Jackson
  • The Way You Make Me Feel / Michael Jackson
  • Little Red Corvette / Prince
  • Let’s Go Crazy / Prince and The Revolution (Purple Rain)
  • Purple Rain / Prince and The Revolution (Purple Rain)
  • When Doves Cry / Prince and The Revolution (Purple Rain)
  • Dance to the Music / Sly and the Family Stone
  • Everyday People / Sly and the Family Stone
  • Family Affair / Sly and the Family Stone
  • Hot Fun in the Summertime / Sly and the Family Stone
  • Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again) / Sly and the Family Stone
  • It’s Your Thing / The Isley Brothers
  • That Lady / The Isley Brothers
  • This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You) / The Isley Brothers

Public interest message: An original is valuable. A copy is not worth anything!

Important information: Prices and order are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Year and music style are an indication only. Picture, language, list of titles and spelling are as faithful as possible but could differed from the product. The songs offered are the highest quality available. These are professional re-creations and not renditions by the original artist.

CD+G Karaoke

When this disc is played in a CD player with graphics capability (CD+G), the lyrics to the song will appear on your TV screen. The lyrics change color in time with the music, so singing along is easy. When using a CD player without graphics capability, only the music portion will be heard.

The professional CD+G stands for Compact Disc + Graphics. This is the most widely used format for Karaoke music. The discs are identical to standard CDs (compact discs) yet have the additional graphics track that allows you to read the song lyrics on a connected TV or monitor. As the soundtrack plays on your karaoke player, the lyrics scroll across the TV in perfect sync with the music, allowing you to sing along to any song!

The sound of a CD+G Karaoke disc will also play in any standard CD, CD-ROM or DVD player around the world. To see the words of song on screen your player must read the CD+G or CD+Graphics format.

The professional CD+G is the industry standard!

Special note concerning the karaoke: The chorus and sometime the melody are present on professional karaoke soundtrack.

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86 g

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142 x 125 x 11 mm

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DKG 3063


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July 14, 2024


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