Ô Sweet Déo 100% Natural Deodorant


The arguments of the natural deodorant… Available for May 29, 2022

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The arguments of the natural deodorant Ô Sweet Déo

Ô Sweet Déo is a 100% natural deodorant, like all the rest of the range.

  • Without aluminum no synthetic carcinogenic agents,  ;
  • easy to spread cream ;
  • does not crumble on application ;
  • 24 hour efficacy 
  • smells fresh and discreet ;
  • soft on the skin ;
  • does not grease clothes.

Users are raving about this deodorant. That’s why it’s now part of the trio of best-selling Ô De Lie.

This cream deodorant is for women who want to keep armpits fresh all day.

Did you know that perspiration does not smell anything? It is the microbes that degrade it that are responsible for bad odors. This is why in the natural deodorant Ô Sweet Déo, the essential oils are carefully selected: La Palmarosa prevents microbial proliferation and therefore the appearance of bad odors. Orange brings a breath of freshness. The delicate fragrance of Ô Sweet Déo smells fresh and clean. It keeps the skin healthy and fresh naturally.

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Ôdelie Cosmétiques

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80 g


50 ml

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Product of Canada


-Natural -No Animal Testing -Organic


Delivery to Canada and United States


Apply the size of a corn kernel on each side and rub it gently.


May 17, 2022


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