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Face cream soap with vine nectar…

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Face cream soap with vine nectar. For the face and hands, but also the hair.

This surgras soap, rich in milk and anti-aging active ingredients, is suitable for all skin types, even delicate ones.

Cleanliness without compromise.

With Ô Diva, there is no risk of facial skin tightness. Cold saponified and ripe to perfection, this soap does not irritate the skin of the hands even with repeated use. The high percentage of anti-infectious essential oils in the formula (Details in the list of ingredients) ensures anti-microbial action and spotless cleanliness.

Diva’s face cream soap.

Indeed, the dense and generous foam of this beauty bar washes gently and embellishes the complexion. Since it does not contain occlusive wax that clogs pores, it allows essential oils to regulate your skin. The precious argan and grape seed oils also help mature skin. It is ideal for oily or redness skin. Use as a soap. It is advisable to let it air dry between each use.

With Ô Diva regulating soap, the skin is soft, fresh and clean. It is suitable for the problems of redness, acne, dryness … All skin types appreciate this amalgam of skin benefits.

Users love the smell, lather and soft skin left by this wellness treatment. Ô Diva soap is an integral part of facial care routines for mature skin.

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September 22, 2022


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