Formula 3512 – Cream for Dry and Delicate Skin with Witch Hazel

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A bouquet of plant and fruit…

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A bouquet of plant and fruit extracts such as arnica, artichoke, witch hazel, ivy groundsel and aloe vera contribute to the success of this wonderful cream of white color with delicate floral fragrance. It helps to reduce dry skin and has soothing decongesting and softening action.

Formula 3512 is an excellent day and night cream, non-greasy, specially designed for sensitive, delicate, dry or mature skins.
This cream rapidly absorbed, calms the pulling sensation of dry skin conditions, reduces redness and stimulates the skin’s micro circulation.

These marvelous products have been formulated for all skin types, at all ages and can be used anywhere and whenever on a daily basis. The products WELL BEING & COMFORT may be used in lieu of, or alternating with regular skin care products, to deeply moisturize, fight the action of free radicals and to restore a youthful glow to the skin.

A very fine white emulsion with a delicate floral fragrance. Prepared with natural ingredients such as Witch Hazel, Ivy, Artichoke, Groundsel, Arnica, and Aloe Vera as well as Robane, Borax and Allantoin. This cream has decongestant and soothing properties. Rapidly absorbed, it calms the peeling sensation of dry skin conditions, reduces redness and stimulate the skin microcirculation.

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