Biocéane® Complete Care Line for Dehydrated Skin


Complete care line and gift idea for dehydrated skin.

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Biocéane® skin care line has been developed for the treatment of dehydrated skin that lacks vitality. Based on sea plankton extracts, an important source of oligo-elements and amino acids, collagen, tocopherol, camphor and vegetal extracts, these products have moisturizing and revitalizing properties. They stimulate tissue regeneration and new cellular growth and help the skin to maintain or restore its moisture balance.

Biocéane® line composition

Biocéane® Cleanser 250 ml
A pale turquoise coloured emulsion containing tocopherol (Vitamin E) and allantoïn that cleanses the skin gently and effectively.
Biocéane® Toner 250 ml
A green coloured toner, containing horse chestnut, watercress, lime-tree extracts and natural camphor which purifies, moisturizes and stimulates skin cells.
Biocéane® Cream 60 g
A silky, turquoise coloured cream with a delicate floral fragrance, based on sea plankton, horse chestnut extracts and bees wax with moisturizing and nourishing properties that help increase tissue regeneration and cell renewal.
Biocéane® Mask 50 g
A pale green paste-like emulsion with kaolin, sea plankton, lecithin and liquid collagen which restores the skin’s moisture balance.
Biocéane® Serum 4 Vials of 2ml
A concentrated serum containing sea plankton and horse chestnut extracts, for all dehydrated skin conditions.

Special ingredients

It favours skin cell proliferation and eliminates unhealthy tissue cells. Reconstituting and repairing agent of the epithelium. Non-irritating, it is moisturizing, soothing and calming.
Bees Wax
Emollient and nourishing it helps regenerate epidermic cells.
Natural mild antiseptic. Acts as a circulatory stimulant.
Soluble native collagen capable of substituting skin collagen improving its capacity to retain water and elasticity. Soothing, its helps the skin to maintain its moisture level.
Horse Chestnut Extract
Tightens dilated pores, acts on black heads and blocked pores. Stimulates the skin’s micro circulation. Antiseptic and astringent, it is calming and decongestant.
Lime-Tree Extract
Moisturizing, soothing, calming, decongestant, whitening and emollient.
Plankton Extract
Biological extract from marine vegetation, rich in amino- acids, oligo-elements and other vital actives necessary to cellular reproduction.
Penetrating and restorative substance extracted from shark liver oil. Assures suppleness and protect against cutaneous irritations.
Vitamin E
Subcutaneous blood activity stimulant. Reinforces connective tissues and helps reduce cutaneous degeneration. Powerful antioxidant fighting the action of free radicals. Nutritive and regenerating.

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Dr. Mehran – Le Soin®

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