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Under the influence of age and climatic conditions, the skin loses its elasticity and glow. In order to fight premature skin aging, a special skin care line has been conceived to help prevent, correct and delay the first signs of skin aging. The products for Mature Skin are prepared with bio-stimulant elements and vegetal extracts that smoothen, nourish and moisturize the epidermis improving subcutaneous blood circulation. They tone, regenerate and contribute to the skin’s well being.

These products are recommended for any one over the age of 25.

Mature Skin products are:

Élastine Plus® Cream 50g

A velvety pink coloured emulsion, with a delicate floral fragrance, containing robane, collagen, elastin, ceramides, allantoin, beeswax and moisturizing agents. These natural stimulants help skin maintain its regenerating functions. This outstanding day and night cream protects, nourishes, smooths, moisturizes, revitalizes and helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles. The ceramides in this cream are used as a carrier of collagen and elastin. They counteract the action of elastase, the enzyme which destroys these molecules.

Triple Régime 3R® Cream 50g

A light green silky emulsion, with a subtle floral fragrance, based on plant extracts such as sage, yarrow, matricaria, coltsfoot… etc. combined with vitamins A, B5, D3, E and F, collagen and allantoïn. These life giving substances revitalize, help control dry skin conditions and delay or correct skin aging.

Dermilis® Gel 50g

Specially formulated for mature and photo aged skin in need of regeneration. This turquoise gel based on lanalblue is a powerful anti-wrinkle agent for the skin of the neck and face. Daily use diminishes rapidly the depth and the number of wrinkles leaving the skin younger looking, firm, soft and smooth.

Dermilis® is a powerful restorative and anti-wrinkle agent designed for the skin of the face and neck. Its daily use quickly decreases the depth and number of fine lines leaving skin rejuvenated, firm, smooth and soft.

Here’s why regularly use Dermilis®:

  • Because it is remarkably efficient.
  • Non-toxic, its topical application is very well tolerated.
  • It helps prevent signs of skin aging and increases cellular regeneration.
  • It is an inhibitor of the action of enzymes that destroy the collagen and elastin network of the skin.
  • Its use increases the firmness and elasticity of the epidermis, fights the sagging of the skin and delays the appearance of wrinkles.

How to use Dermilis® at home: Morning and evening cleanse skin with appropriate cleanser and toner. Massage a small quantity of Dermilis® delicately until completely absorbed. Insist on areas where most needed such as the neck, around lips, eye contour and forehead, then , if desired complete with day or night moisturizer and make-up.

Dr. Mehran® Gel-Cream 30g

A formula of incomparable luxury, based on liposomes with borage oil, collagen and elastin. This gel-cream is extraordinarily efficient in the treatment of dull, lifeless, dehydrated and tired skin. It restores softness, tone and glow to the skin. For the face, eye contour and neck. For all skin types over the age of 25 and at any time.

Essential Support® Serum 30ml

Transparent serum made of liposomes with peroxydase, hyaluronic acid as well as a group of substances produced by all living cells following an injury known as TRF (Tissue Respiratory Factor) or biodyne. This exclusive formulation oxygenates the epidermis, helps skin fight free radicals and favours cutaneous regeneration.

Contour Cream 30g

A very fine white emulsion, with a delicate floral fragrance, containing royal jelly (rich in amino acids) vitamins from the B complex vitamin, robane and sweet almond oil. This cream provides essential nutritive elements to the delicate eyelid region while helping control oedema and slackness.

Collagen and Elastin Serum 4 vials of 2ml

The serum is a transparent concentrated of collagen and elastin molecules. Rapidly absorbed by the skin, it moisturizes the epidermis and reinforces its elasticity. This serum helps delay the appearance of wrinkles and maintain skin’s natural beauty and youth.

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